Frequently Asked Questions

  • [+] What's this website all about?

    This is simply a place where you can sell your plugins easily. Or if you're looking to buy a plugin you can come here to look for a bargain.

  • [+] How do I sign up?

    Click the "Join Now" button on the top right. Fill out our details in the form provided and then check your email account. An email should arrive within a couple of minutes. If it doesn't arrive please check your spam folder. Then click the validation link in the email. After that you should be signed in and your account created.

  • [+] How do I sell?

    Click the "Sell a Plugin" button and fill out the form. Submit it and it will go live.

    Wait for someone to make an offer or ask a question. Once you see an offer that seems acceptable you can click the link next to the offer to accept it.

    After accepting the offer an automated private message will be sent to the buyer. Once they respond to it it will appear in your inbox here on this website. You can then converse with one another privately and swap contact details.

    Typically, you then need to contact the company that developed the plugin. Send an email to their customer support stating your intention and ask what is involved. Whether you ask the buyer to pay you before or after the license transfer is up to you.

    Immediately after the license is transferred, you then delete all the files belonging to the plugin or software from your computer or device. This final step is 100% mandatory.

  • [+] How do I buy?

    Sign up for an account first if you haven't already. Then browse the site and if a plugin looks interesting you can post an offer on it.

    If your offer is accepted a private message will appear in your inbox on this site. Reply to it and you can converse with the seller there. Swap contact details and follow the directions from the seller and the company. It is recommended that you, as the buyer, pay any transaction fee applicable. After that the license will be transferred.

  • [+] Which plugins can I sell here?

    Have a look at the Which Plugins can I sell? page. There you will see a list of companies rated from A+ to F. You can resell plugins from companies rated D to A+ while you cannot resell any plugins or other software from those rated F as they forbid reselling in their license agreements.

    Luckily, a lot of companies are fine with reselling and you can legally do so here. However this is subject to change so if you see that any of the companies have changed their reselling policy (either positively or negatively towards reselling) please inform the website administrator via the contact page.

    Also you'll notice that some companies listed on the Which Plugins can I sell? page are not rated but instead are listed as unknown. These are companies that (as of 6th May 2016) have little to no public information available regarding their reselling policy. To err on the side of caution this website insists that you provide evidence that the company explicitly allows you, the purchaser, to resell. Again if you have any information regarding the reselling policy of these "known unknown" companies please contact us

  • [+] What happens when my offer is accepted?

    An automated private message is sent from the seller to your inbox. Find the message in your inbox and reply. From there you can hash out the fine details between yourselves in private or you could swap email, facebook, skype etc. and converse that way.

  • [+] What methods are recommended for payment from buyer to seller?

    Paypal and similar payment companies are recommmended at time of beta version launch. Bank transfers and postal orders are ok for when both buyer and seller are living in the same country.

    Payment methods that are NOT recommended are wireless transfers (like Western Union) and international bank transfers. The former being scammer friendly and the latter being slow and expensive.

  • [+] Why can't I send a private message to some other random user whenever I want?

    This website was designed to be as open and transparent as possible. The restriction on private messaging forces the buyers to state publicly what they are willing to pay. It also makes all pre-sale questions public, again strengthening the transparency of the transaction and encouraging everyone to be open with each other. It is only when an offer is accepted that the buyer and seller can communicate privately here via the messaging system.

  • [+] Who pays the transfer fee?

    It is recommended that the buyer pays the transaction fee. This is for two reasons:

    1 - It creates a new relationship between the company and the buyer.

    2 - It proves to the seller that the buyer has intent to complete the transaction.

  • [+] I'm thinking of selling, do I include the transaction fee in the asking price?

    Yes, this is one of the house rules. Always include any applicable transaction fee when considering your asking price.

  • [+] I'm thinking of buying, does my offer include the transaction fee?

    Yes, this is one of the house rules. Always include any applicable transaction fee when considering your offer price. If you are unsure about whether there is a transaction fee involved you can always post a comment asking the seller.

  • [+] How do I know if I can trust a buyer or seller?

    There is a rating and feedback system here. If someone has a proven track record with good feedback then you can go on that. It's not 100% guaranteed but it's a good indication.

    If the seller or buyer is new and doesn't have any rating or feedback then you could suss them out in the comments section. You could also friend them on facebook if they have their facebook profile link filled out and see what kind of person they are to deal with; perhaps doing a skype or phone chat might help.

    If the person lives in your locality even better, meet up for a coffee and see if you'd want to do business with them.

    Ultimately you'll have to use your own judgement and common-sense.

  • [+] I want to sell a plugin but it is rated as "unknown"?

    This website was created to facilitate legal license transfers only. If you don't know whether the company allows license transfers you will need to contact their customer support and ask if can do it and what is involved.

    Once you get that information please contact us and their company rating and information will be updated.

    If the new updated rating is D or higher then you can list the plugin here and ultimately sell it. If the new rating is F then you cannot list it here.

  • [+] How do I report bugs or errors on this website?

    Please send a message on the contact page. If it's convenient please take a screenshot of the problem as well.

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