Privacy Policy

Unlike most websites, whose "privacy policy" is nothing more than an outline of how your privacy will be violated, this website takes extra steps to make sure that your personal details and data regarding usage of this website will be treated with utmost respect. 

Here is an outline of steps taken to protect your privacy:

1 - Your personal details and data relating to usage of this website will not be sold on to third parties.

2 - Analytics is powered by open source software. All data collected is held privately on this server and will not be passed on to third parties.

3 - Invasive social media scipts & tracking cookies will not be set on your computer or device from this website.

4 - Invasive advertising scripts & tracking cookies will not be set on your computer or device from this website.

5 - Javascript is not needed to browse this website. However once logged in, some user actions such as commenting and posting do require javascript.  

6 - The administrator of this website will implement TLS encryption once this website is out of beta.

7  - Although IPs are logged, they are mainly done so to avoid using 3rd party analytics. Also for security reasons in case of someone getting scammed on this site and to block hackers and spammers. IPs will be automatically destroyed after 3 months from the time of logging. A blacklist of spammers, hackers and scammers will be kept beyond this 3 month period.

8 - Cookies set by this website are for simple log in/out user actions. 

9 - All user passwords are hashed (encrypted) in the database.

10 - A reasonable attempt has been made by the developer of this website to secure the database. That includes measures to prevent sql injection and xss attacks. 


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