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PSP AudiowareBThis is the rating for how easy it is to transfer licenses with this company.

Transfer Difficulty: Pretty Easy

Pros: They mention they do in their forums “We allow license transfers. Simply find buyer and ask him/her to open an account at our user area and send us your and his/her user IDs and name of the asset to transfer. There is no transfer fee. Please remember that PSP oldTimer and PSP oldTimer ME are one product so you can’t sell them separately. Warm regards, Antoni Ozynski”

Cons: Couldn't find a dedicated page on their website verifying this; just the forum post.

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Total pack includes all excellent PSP Audioware plugins except(due to former offer):

PSP Nexcellence, PSP stompFilter, PSP FETpressor

As soon as payment is done licences will be transfered to buyers account (account is required at PSP).


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