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Unknown Company?This is the rating for how easy it is to transfer licenses with this company.

Transfer Difficulty: Unknown

Disclaimer: This company's license transfer policy is unknown. The seller must contact the company and get permission from the company before they sell.

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Level: (1)

Rating: N/A

Location: U.S.A.

Joined: 3 years ago

Last Online: 9 months ago

Posted 11 months ago 103 views

3 replies to this listing.

  1. $35 Offered 10 months ago

    Why don\'t you deactivate first so you actually have item legitimately for sale, then I can buy.


  2. 10 months ago

    There is no deactivation in my Renoise account, my license is going to be automatically deactivated as soon as the Renoise team transfers the license to you. Also, sorry but i can't do it for $35, thanks for your offer though!


  3. $34 Offered 10 months ago

    It wasn\'t an actual offer, it was just an arbitrary figure entered into a field that was required in order to post a comment, therein which I wished to address the licensing issue. Does renoise no longer. require you to deactivate your license before the product can be relicensed to another party? Doesn\'t the deactivation itself take a few days? This would make it at least a few days between payment and the buyer\'s ability to use their purchase, best case scenario. Or have they updated their policy?


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